Retro Gaming- Top Gear 3000: (1995)

There have been some cool racing games that were released throughout the 1990’s. While arcade racing games were fun there were also some racing titles that many people have enjoyed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  One of the racing games that comes to mind when thinking about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System includes Top Gear.  The Top Gear racing series was one of the most exciting set of racing games to have been released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the very first Top Gear is probably the most talked about game out of the SNES trilogy the third title “Top Gear 3000” is rarely discussed among people.  Top Gear 3000 was unique because it of its futuristic theme along with its diversion from the realism which was emphasized in the first to games.    The futuristic concept of this game was very interesting because the mechanics of Top Gear 3000 looks and feels similar to the first two titles.  The setting of this game takes place int eh 30th century and the sing player mode for Top 3000 is pretty exciting.

The single player mode in this game allows people to race against 19 other competitors in various different planets while having the opportunity to earn 100,000 credits after winning certain races.  The credits system in this game is special because it allows players to make upgrades to their cars after each race.  The credits in Top Gear 3000 can be used to make upgrades on various parts of their car including tires, engine, armor and more.  One of the few things that stand about about Top Gear 3000 includes the soundtrack.  The soundtrack for the game had a futuristic vibe and was very good in terms of quality.  Speaking of quality the DSP-4 enhancement chip really made Top Gear 3000 visually appealing. Another feature that stands about Top Gear 3000 included the multiplayer mode which can have up to four players when a multi-tap is used. Even it players did not feel like paying for the multi-tap to play Top Gear 3000 the single player mode was almost enough to keep people busy for many hours.  Top Gear 3000 was a pretty cool racing title that was developed by Gremilin Graphics back in the 90’s its just a shame that the company is no longer around because many people enjoyed the series when it was on the SNES.


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