Retro Gaming- X-Men vs. Street Fighter (1996)

The arcade classics of the 90’s were so much fun and X-Men vs. Street Fighter was one of those games that many people could not get enough when it was released worldwide by Capcom in 1996.  The cool thing about X-Men vs. Street Fighter was that nobody could have predicted a few years prior to its release that this game would ever exist.  The roster for X-Men vs. Street Fighter had consisted some of the most popular characters from both series including Ryu, Wolverine, Chun-Li, Storm, Rouge, Magneto and others.  In terms of visual design X-Men vs. Street Fighter was excellent considering the fact that it resembled X-Men Children of the Atom which was released in 1994.  The character models from the SF series was also utilized for the Street Fighter characters in this game which was also a pretty nice feature since they were still relatively new during this time period.  X-Men vs Street Fighter had an action packed arcade mode were players battle a series  of teams before reaching the final boss in this game known as Apocalypse.  The boss battle against Apocalypse was unlike anything most people had ever seen within a fighting game.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter was very innovative in regards to gameplay because it gave players the ability to pull off super combos, air combos,  double team super combos and much more.  Along with having a pretty exciting arcade mode the game had featured a versus mode along with a survival and training mode that could help players excel at the game while mastering the techniques of various characters.  The addition of Akuma being a hidden character was an added bonus to this game because players did not have to do anything to unlock him they just needed to know how to select him in the selection screen.  Along with having fantastic gameplay the soundtrack for this game was amazing.  There was so much creativity that went into developing the theme songs for various characters to a point were its difficult to tell which one is the best.  X-Men vs. Street Fighter was a revolutionary fighting game because title following Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter had started the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

After X-Men vs. Street Fighter was made for the CP System II it was ported for the Sega Saturn along with the Sony PlayStation in 1997 and 1998.  The Sega Saturn version of the game was much better since it was exactly like the arcade version of X-Men vs Street Fighter.   The Sony PlayStation version of X-Men vs Street Fighter was not as good since players did not have the ability to switch characters during battles unless it was a mirror match in crossover mode.  Many people who have played X-Men vs Street Fighter for the Sony PlayStation would probably argue that the arcade version of this game should have been re-released for the PS2 during the early 00’s.  Regardless, of how most people felt about the home console ports of X-Men vs. Street Fighter it was a very fun arcade game to play during the 90’s if you were a fan of either series.


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