Retro Gaming- Dead or Alive 3: (2001)

There were so many games in the Dead or Alive series that many people had enjoyed since its inception during the mid 90’s  When Dead or Alive 3 was released for the original Xbox game console in late 2001 and early 2002 many people were thrilled by various features included in this fighting title.  Dead or Alive 3 was such a great fighting game because it had various game modes including Story, Versus, Survival, Team Battle, Tag Battle, Watch, and Sparring.  Dead or Alive 3 had so much offline content that players could spend hours, days, weeks or even months playing this game without being bored.  The story mode in this game was fantastic because not only presented a series of character for players to battle but there were also cutscenes in between some battles prior to fighting the final boss in the game known as Omega.  Some would definitely agree that Omega is one of the toughest bosses in the entire Dead or Alive series.  Along with being a powerful opponent the visual sequence along with the camera angle makes Omega a difficult but not an impossible opponent to defeat.

Along with having a tough boss Dead or Alive 3 there were so many characters that people enjoyed playing with including Kasumi, Tina Armstrong, Christie, LeiFang, Ryu Hayabusa and more.  The character select screen for Dead or Alive 3 is highly detailed and features interesting statistics about each character including their occupation, birthday, height/weight, nationality, body size, blood type, and their fighting styles.   The soundtrack for Dead or Alive 3 was amazing because they made each battle in the game feel epic along with the actual gameplay itself.  Some of the best soundtracks for Dead or Alive 3 included “Eternity” (Kasumi’s Theme) along with “Mayflower” (Lei Fang’s theme) which did an excellent job capturing their respective personalities.  The diversity of characters, fighting styles, game modes, and the visual presentation featured in Dead or Alive 3 makes this title very great fighting game.  Not only was Dead or Alive 3 a solid three dimensional fighting game but it was the first game in the series to have been released for the original Xbox console.

Since Dead or Alive 3 was available exclusively for the original Xbox at the time many people who were fans of the series were eager to buy the game.   However,  if they did not have the console they would purchase it in order buy Dead or Alive 3.  Ever since Dead or Alive  was released in the early 00’s the game has sold at least 1.7 million units worldwide and is known to be one of the best three dimensional fighting games for the original Xbox console.  Not was Dead or Alive 3 one of the best selling fighting titles for the original Xbox game console but it was probably among the best in terms of sales in the entire series.  Dead or Alive 3 is probably one of the games that does not as much recognition as it should in comparison to some of the other games in the series.  Despite, not being the most popular game within its series Dead or Alive 3 is a very exciting three dimensional fighting game with a replay value that is higher than many other fighting games that places more emphasis in online gameplay rather than development of offline game modes.


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