Retro Gaming- Scud Race: (1996)

There were so many cool arcade games that we all remember back in the 1990’s including Daytona USA, Sega Outrun, Ridge Racer, Cruis’n USA and many others.  One of the more memorable racing games from the 1990’s that many people enjoyed included Sega Super GT also known as Scud Race.  When this game was released in arcade centers worldwide for the Sega Model 3 many players were blown away by the visual presentation of this game because it looked like it was ahead of its time.  The graphics and visual presentation for Scud Race had looked similar to Outrun 2 which was not released until the early 2000’s for the original Xbox console.  While playing Scud Race people have the ability to select which course they want to race with the difficultly ranging from beginning to expert along with the length of each track varying between short and long.  The vehicle selection options are also pretty decent because players have the choice of choosing between cars including the Porsche 911, Ferrari F40, Dodge Viper along with the Mclaren F1.

Along with having a few choices in which cars they want to drive players also have the option to choose between Beginner (automatic) and Professional (manual) transmission before starting a race.    The ability to choose race tracks, car types along with transmission type was helpful in allowing players to select settings that would reflect their skill level in this game.  The ability for players to choose their race settings was a great feature included in Scud Race because the game is tougher than it looks.  In Scud Race players have to race against 39 competitors in order to win at first place.  Is fun as Scud race was to play arcade centers some people probably wished the game had received ports for either the Sega Saturn or Dreamcast.  Despite, not receiving ports for either console Scud Race was still a very exciting arcade classic that many people enjoyed along with various other racing titles back the the 90’s.


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