Retro Gaming- Captain Commando: (1991)

We all remember the arcade classic of the 90’s that featured so many cool beat em up games.  Around the early’s the beat em up genre was still very popular and featured many adventurous titles including Final Fight, Streets of Rage and TMNT: Turtles in time.  While those games were considered to be memorable arcade classics by many people there were also some titles that does not get mentioned quite as much.  In the early 90’s a beat em up game known as Captain Commando was developed by Capcom and released in arcade centers worldwide.  The futuristic theme of Captain Commando was one of the many things that added its appeal along with visual presentation and overall gameplay.   Similar to games such as the Final Fight series the main plot for Captain Commando involves fighting crime but to a greater extent.  Captain Commando along with his associates Mack, Ginzu and Baby Head were protecting the Earth along with other galaxies in the year 2026.  The in game mechanics for the Captain Commando arcade game made things very exciting as players were allowed utilize weapons such as rocket launchers, machine guns, mallots, and machines to freeze their opponents.

As one progressed throughout the game more opponents began to appear at once which made the weapons provided very useful especially towards stages 6 and 7.  While its debatable on who the toughest bosses in the game are some would probably agree that Doppel  and Scumocide were among the hardest.  However, fighting Druk and Shtrom at the same time was also a bit of a challenge especially if one is playing the game by themselves.  Since its release Captain Commando had received various ports with one of them being for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995.  Many people liked the Super Nintendo port of Captain Commando because not only does it feel like the arcade game but the replay value was high.  After being ported for the SNES Captain Commando was also ported for the Sony PlayStation in the late 90’s along with being re-released for various consoles such as PS2, Xbox and the PSP during mid 2000’s.  Even though, Captain Commando was not the most popular beat em up game that Capcom has made it would be considered a great title to play if you are fan of that genre.


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