Retro Gaming- World Driver Championship: (1999)

There were so many cool racing games especially in arcade centers during the 1990’s that many people enjoyed.  Even though, there were many exciting arcade racing titles during the 90’s there were also some cool games for various home console including the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation.  When it comes down to racing games for the Nintendo 64 one of the titles that comes to mind is World Driver Championship which was released right before the start of the new millennium.   World Driver Championship was developed by Boss Game Studios and published by Midway as a three dimensional racing game.  One of the most exciting feature about this World Driver Championship is the various modes of gameplay featured in this game.  When it comes down to single player gameplay one of the most exciting features World Championship Driver was the Championship mode.

The Championship mode for this game was very exciting and also challenging as players start of competing for the Novice Cup and work their way throughout game to earn various other cups including Endurance, Seasons, Invitational, Orca, Spider, Ring of Fire and Ultimatum.  Another cool feature about this game is the inclusion of Rumble Pak’s because it made the game appear more realistic as player was driving.   Not only did World Driver Championship have an excellent season mode but there were also various countries where players could race which added more excitement to World Driver Championship.  In this game players can race in various places such as Rome, Hawaii, New Zealand Switzerland, Japan, Zurich and Las Vegas which was fantastic. The graphics and visual presentation for the stages and cars in this game were amazing and almost resembled a few of the racing games that you would see for the Sony PlayStation such as Gran Turismo.  Even though, World Driver Championship does not get mentioned as much as many racing titles of the 1990’s it was still a great game to play if you were a fan of the racing genre.  Even though, World Driver Championship is not as popular as other games such as the Top Gear series some people would considered this racing title an underrated classic that deserves more praise than it gets.


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