Retro Gaming- Alundra: (1997)

There have been many cool RPG games that have been released since the late 80’s and early 90’s that people would consider to be instant classics.  While popular RPG games such as the Final Fantasy series are the first to come to mind when it comes down to this genre there have been several titles that were memorable but does not get talked about as much.  During the late 90’s an RPG game known as Alundra was developed by Matrix Software for the Sony PlayStation.  There were a few things about Alundra that was pretty cool including the plot.   In this game the main character Alundra is a dreamwalker who has the ability to access the dreams of other people in order to vanquish their nightmares.  In the game Alundra is eventually accompanied by Meia who helps him out in his mission to defeat the main antagonist Melzas who is mainly responsible for all the chaos that occurs regarding the dreams of many people.  This RPG title does a fantastic job on capturing dark vibe involving the plot of this game with the inclusion of various soundtracks.

The soundtrack that is utilized when playing through other people’s dreams such as Giles and Elaine blends in nicely with the plot of the story which added more suspense and adventure to the game itself.    The graphics and stage design for this game was great because because since the developers decided to utilize two dimensional graphics and design which was popular for the SNES in the early 90’s.  Around the late 90’s many popular game titles started to make the transition from 2D to 3D gameplay and graphics.   If the original Alundra game had utilized 3D graphics instead of 2D some could possibly make the argument that the game would not have been as popular as it was in the late 90’s.  While the Alundra game was fun to play for some people it was very difficult for others. The boss battles in this game against the likes of Zorgia, Zazan, Reptillus Maximus and Melzas were probably difficult for many people.  However, the game itself is one where players can constantly get better through trial and error along with developing good strategies to defeat each boss.

As interesting as this game was it did not sell quite as much as people thought it would.  While Alundra was a brand new RPG title for the Sony PlayStation there were games such as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics were released the same year for that very console.  Some may argue that the sales for Alundra had suffered due to fierce competition in relation to role playing games for the Sony PlayStation in the late 90’s.  Despite, how much Alundra had sold it does not change the fact that it was a pretty good RPG classic.    When the sequel to the original Alundra game was released in 1999 the gameplay felt very different since it was more of a three dimensional title.  While both Alundra games were unique in their ways some people would probably choose the first Alundra over the second because felt better as two dimensional game opposed to being a three dimensional title.  Also, the plot for the original Alundra game was so creative and featured high quality two dimensional gameplay on a 32-bit console.


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