Retro Gaming- International Superstar Soccer Deluxe: (1995)

International Superstar Soccer  was a game that originally developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Konami.  But shortly after the release of International Superstar Soccer Deluxe for the SNES a deluxe version of the game was made for additional consoles including the Sega Mega Drive and eventually for the original Sony PlayStation between 1995 and 1997.  There were so many things about the original International Superstar Soccer game that was impressive including the visual aspect of this game. The 2D graphics and sprites for International Superstar Soccer was fantastic along with several other features that made the game itself feel realistic.  It felt like Konami did everything in their power to make this game as realistic as possible including adding crowd noises and chants while having short victory celebrations every time a player scores a goal.  Basic features such as those made International Superstar Soccer a very exciting title to play along with the various modes featured in the game.  The original International Superstar Soccer game that was released exclusively for the Super Nintendo included multiple game modes such as World Series, International Cup, Open Game, Training, Scenario and Penalty Kick.   Also, there were so many teams from around the world that people could choose from numerous different countries including America, France, England, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Ireland, Columbia and more.  Along with being able to select various teams from around the world the game presents people with a roster for each along with their overall strengths as a unit.  Another nice feature about International Superstar Soccer includes the substitution option which provided people with detailed statistics about each player on a team including technique, shooting, speed, stamina along with their fatigue during each game.

As good as the original International Superstar Soccer Deluxe game was the deluxe version was even more impressive.  ISS Deluxe had featured more detailed statistics of each players including speed, dash, shot power, intelligence, balance, jump, stamina and dribble which made the game feel more realistic for those who played it.  Along with more added detail ISS Deluxe had also included better visuals that was more appealing than the original game which was exclusively for the SNES.  One of the coolest things about ISS Deluxe was the the fact that it was ported to other game consoles besides the SNES which gave more people the opportunity to enjoy this classic 2D sports title. The original and deluxe version of International Superstar Soccer were both great because it seemingly maintained a harmonious balance between 2D gameplay and reality in relation to statistical information along with in game mechanics.  International Superstar Soccer Deluxe is probably one of the most innovative 2D soccer games to have ever been released for the SNES or the Mega Drive.  Even though, ISS Deluxe does not get talked about as much some would argue that it was a very fun sports game with various modes and national soccer teams that would keep players interested in this title long period of time.


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