Retro Gaming- SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos: (2003)

When we think about arcade based fighting games there are many titles that instantly come to mind especially those involving crossovers.  Even though the fighting genre of gaming was not as popular in the 2000’s as it was during the 90’s there were still some decent games being made during that time period.  In the early 00’s a crossover 2D fighting game entitled SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos was released for the Neo Geo Multi Video System.   The cool thing about SVC Chaos included the multiple boss characters that were in this game.  When people played SVC Chaos for the first time they would not only realize that it was more challenging than they originally expected but it was also very unpredictable in terms of boss battles.  There were so many bosses in this game including Shin Akuma, Serious Mr. Karate along with Athena & Violent Ken who are featured as secret boss characters.    Along with having secret & final bosses there were also mid along with sub boss characters from games that people would have never  expected.  In fact SVC Chaos had featured several characters that many people did not expect to be included in the game which made things more exciting.  SVC Chaos had not only included characters from the Street Fighter & King of Fighters series but it also included people from the Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, DarkStalkers, Metal Slug 2 and Mega Man Zero.

The roster for this game features several popular characters that many people are familiar with including Ryu, Kyo Kusanagi, Chun-Li, Mai Shiranui, Ken, Lori Yagami, Akuma, Kim Kaphwan, Earthquake, Geese Howard and more.  Along with having a fantastic roster the visual aspect of this game was outstanding.  SVC Chaos features some of the best 2D graphics that you would see in any fighting game especially during  the early 2000’s since 3D gaming was starting to become more popular.  The graphics for SVC Chaos was awesome and since was originally a Neo Geo game it was pretty cool because we got to see characters from Street Fighter, DarkStalkers, Samurai Shodown and more in a title that was developed by SNK.  Even though, SVC Chaos was very impressive it was unusually difficult to complete at times because the opponents were tougher than most people expected.  When players develop a strategy on how to complete the arcade mode after wasting multiple coins and losing many times they are generally caught off guard with a surprise boss battle.

Also, on top of having surprise opponents it sometimes felt like the arcade mode would slowly increase in difficulty as if the game was watching you while playing.   The dialogue between characters during boss/rival battles was also another element that made the arcade mode for SVC Chaos enjoyable because you never knew who the next opponent was when playing for the first time.   If you managed to complete SVC Chaos in its entirety it was well worth the effort since there were actual endings to the game.  After being released for the Neo Geo MVS it was ported to various consoles including the Neo Geo AES, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.  While playing SVC Chaos for the Neo Geo MVS was fun playing the game one the home console was just as exciting considering the fact that it highly resembled the original arcade version.  Even though, 3D gaming was very popular during the early 00’s there were some 2D fighting games that were fantastic and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos would be considered a hidden gem as far as arcade classics are concerned.


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