Retro Gaming- Guilty Gear: The Missing Link: (1998)

Many people who were fans of retro gaming enjoyed the 2D fighting games that were released on various game consoles including Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Neo Geo, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast and especially the original Sony PlayStation.  While there were many fighting titles that were popular and are considered to be well known by casual gamers there are also some pretty cool games do not get mentioned quite as much.  During the late 90’s Guilty Gear: The Missing Link was released exclusively for the original Sony PlayStation.  One of the cool things about the original Guilty Gear was the time period that it was release since 3D gaming started to become popular towards the late 90’s and the early 2000’s.  Another thing that was unique about the original Guilty Gear game was the fact that it was exclusively for the Sony PlayStation.   The gameplay along with the graphics for Guilty Gear: The Missing Link had looked and felt like an arcade game.

Gear: The Missing Link had so many unique feature including an Arcade, Versus and Training mode.  The Arcade mode for this game was great because not only was it challenging as you got towards the final boss but once you completed the game the cutscenes for some of the characters were great.  The OST for Guilty Gear was also decent because it blended in well with the atmosphere for each fight.  As players progress throughout arcade mode they will most likely meet there toughest challenges when they battle Testament and Justice who are among the hardest characters to defeat in this game. Justice is a very hard boss character because not only does his regular attacks take a lot of damage but his super moves can also drain a fair amount of the player’s health even when they block it. The story for Guilty Gear was very interesting considering the fact that the setting took place during the 22nd century along with the fact that each character had their own story.  As good as Guilty Gear: The Missing Link was some people would argue that this game did not get as much recognition as it should have.  The only way anyone could have played the original Guilty Gear game is if they owned the PS1.  If the original Guilty Gear game had an arcade release prior to making a PlayStation version it could have possibly have been more popular.  However, those who have either played or bought the game realized that Guilty Gear: The Missing Link is an underrated 2D game that would be difficult to find in any store today.


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