Retro Gaming- LandStalker: (1992)

The early 90’s was such a great time if you where a fan of 2D gaming during the 16-bit era. There were so many cool 16 bit action role playing adventure games for both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis.  However, there are some games that were very good in terms of gameplay along with graphics that do not get mentioned as much despite having a lot of potential. In 1992, Sega  had released an action role playing game known LandStalker for the Genesis game console.   After  LandStalker was developed by Climax Entertainment one of the first things that stood out about this game included its visual display.  The graphics & sprites for this game were amazing along with having a basic yet interesting plot.    In LandStalker the main character named Nigel is a treasure hunter who is intent on finding King Nole’s treasures along with his partner known as Friday. One of the cool things about LandStalker was that kinda looked and felt like a Zelda game but only for the Sega Genesis.  But unlike some of the 2D Legend of Zelda games LandStalker focuses more on acquiring riches rather than saving a kingdom or rescuing a princess.  There were also some other features about LandStalkers that separates it from other RPG games sincluding the isometric view that is utilized during gameplay.

Along with the inclusion of the isometric feature Nigel can do several other things in this game such as jumping onto different platforms and climbing ladders.  At times LandStalker felt like a cross between a role playing gaming and a platforming title because while progressing throughout the game players were required to maneuver their way in order to complete obstacles they faced in various levels. The soundtrack for LandStalker was nice because it not only set the tone for the game but it also made this title feel more adventurous.   The theme for LandStalkers was unique because it saw Nigel battling all types of monsters throughout the game.   Despite, how difficult LandStalkers may seem once people completed the game and found the treasure they would start to realize that the effort was worth it.  While LandStalkers was a pretty cool game for the Sega Genesis it never received an official sequel.  LandStalkers looked like it had the potential to have its own series during the 90’s.   Even though, LandStalkers was not too popular during the early 90’s some people still view this game to be an underrated classic for the Sega Genesis.


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