Retro Gaming- Guilty Gear X: (2000)

The Guilty Gear series was among the best in terms of quality when it came down to 2D graphics and gameplay. When Guilty Gear X was developed by Arc System Works and released in the 2000’s many people were impressed by the visual presentation this game had to offer. Guilty Gear X was also first in the GG series to be ported to multiple gaming consoles along with having an arcade release during the early 00’s. The graphics for Guilty Gear X was fantastic and resembled that of a high quality 2D Neo Geo fighting game. Along with having excellent visuals there were so many cool characters to choose from including Sol BadGuy, Chipp Zanuff, Millia Rage, Anjou Mito and others. Guilty Gear X had also featured unlockable boss characters such as Testament along with a new person named Dizzy. The boss fights were difficult for the end for some people while others probably found Testament to be less difficult in comparison to the first Guilty Gear game that was exclusively for the PS1.

Also, similar to the original Guilty Gear game for the PS1 this title had a pretty cool soundtrack that made the action more enjoyable. Some people would agree that Guilty Gear X was a significant improvement from its predecessor because not only was it released for multiple game consoles but it also included more characters with optimal 2D graphics. In terms of sales Guilty Gear X may not have lived up to the expectations of many people but that does not mean the game itself was not good. The Guilty Gear series was not as mainstream in comparison to many other 2D fighting games that was released during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. However, the fact that the Guilty Gear series was not a mainstream 2D fighting game was one of things that added to appeal of this game when it was released. Those who still own a PlayStation 2 or a Sega Dreamcast will probably have a hard time trying to find a title like Guilty Gear X in any used game store. If people do manage to find Guilty Gear X in a store or online it may cost a little bit more than some would expect.


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