How Nintendo PlayStation could have changed the landscape of the gaming world

Back in the early 90’s both Sony and Nintendo almost ended up doing business together in regards to creating a new console that would compete with several their competitors in the gaming world.  After a fallout between both Sony and Nintendo both companies never collaborated with one another involving the creation of a new game console.  However, before both companies refused to do business with one another a prototype game console known as the Nintendo PlayStation was in the works.  Unfortunately, the Nintendo PlayStation was never released during the early 90’s and since then many people have speculated that the fall out between the two companies ended up having a negative a effect on Nintendo more than it did Sony.  During the late 80’s and early 90’s Square Enix had developed several games that were released for Nintendo consoles including Final Fantasy I through VI, Chrono Trigger along with Super Mario RPG which was one of the best non platform games to be released in the Mario series.

If Nintendo and PlayStation had done business together back in the early and released new a console together there are a few things that could have easily changed throughout the rest of the decade.  If the Nintendo PlayStation was actually released would there have ever been a Nintendo 64 followed by a Gamecube in the early 2000’s.  While the actually prototype for the Nintendo PlayStation was not seen as something legendary by many people the idea of Nintendo and Sony collaborating would have obviously posed as a threat to some of their competitors including Sega and the company that produced the Neo Geo known as SNK..  Even though, the Neo Geo consoles were eventually discontinued and Sega had formed a partnership with Nintendo sometimes it makes people wonder how different things could have been if events had transpired differently during the 90’s.


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