Retro Gaming- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: (2004)

Square Enix is best known for its affiliation with some of the most memorable role playing games that many people around the world have ever seen.  The original Kingdom Hearts game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002 and since its release many people were anxious to see what the sequel would be like.  When Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was developed by Jupiter and released in 2004 many people were interested in the fact that the game was released for the Game Boy Advance.  Releasing Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance seemed like a risky thing to do in the eyes of many people especially considering the fact that the original game was released for the PlayStation 2.   The gameplay, graphics and visual effects of the 128 bit PlayStation 2 console was far superior than the 32 bit Game Boy Advance.  However, just because the quality of the Game Boy Advance was not as great as the PS2 it did not mean that Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories did not make for a very exciting game.

There was so much creativity that when into the development in Chain of Memories in terms of gameplay especially concerning the battles.  Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories had featured a unique card based battle system which included characters having the ability to execute attacks in real time.  The battle system for Chain of Memories looks a bit complex at first but the great thing about this game is that there are tutorials towards the beginning that explains how everything works in detail.  Another great feature about Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories includes the 2D isometric view that is utilized in the game during travel along with various scenes that feature in game dialogue between characters.   The 2D isometric view was a pretty cool feature because it was reminiscent of some older RPG titles such as LandStalker, Final Fantasy Tactics and Super Mario RPG which were also very fun games to play back in the 90’s. Along with having so many great features Chain of Memories had featured several characters that were in the prequel including the main protagonist Sora & Riku along with familiar names from Disney such as Donald Duck, Goofy and King Mickey Mouse.

The CD soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was a work of art because it featured songs such as “Dear Beloved” which was simply beautiful.  Another great track had included “Castle Oblivion” which was simply amazing because you can feel the emotion of this track along with the fact that it blended in nicely with game itself.  The final boss theme in this game was pretty epic however many people despised battling Marluxia from Organization XIII.  Even though the final boss battle was tough it was also fun once people really got into Chain of Memories and progressed throughout the game. Following its release Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories had reportedly sold over 100,000 units in Japan within its first week and has sold over 1.8 million units worldwide since its release in late 2004.  While some people enjoyed Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance many people thought that the PlayStation 2 remake was even better when it was released in America during late 2008.  Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories is considered to be one of the most memorable RPG titles of the 2000’s by some people around the world.   Even though, the gameplay for Chain of Memories was significantly different from most RPG titles during its time the amount to creativity that went into the development of this game was impressive.


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