Retro Gaming- Sonic Heroes: (2004)

There have been many memorable Sonic the Hedgehog that have been released for over the past two decades from game consoles since the Sega Genesis made its debut during the early 90’s.  Some people argue that Sonic Heroes is not one of the most memorable titles in the Sonic the Hedgehog series others thought it was a pretty cool game to play on various consoles including the PlayStation 2, Xbox along with Nintendo GameCube.  One of the coolest features about Sonic Heroes included playing as different teams to complete each stage throughout the game.  In this game players were able to control various characters including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow, Rouge the Bat and others. Sonic Heroes allow players to control three characters during each level while playing as teams Sonic, Dark, Rose or Chaotix.  One of the most unique things about having teams included the fact that each character within a group had a different specialty including speed, power and flight.  The inclusion of three player groups in a platform game especially Sonic the Hedgehog was something that was never seen before prior to 2004.

While some people thought the concept regarding the gameplay for Sonic Heroes might have felt lackluster others would probably agree that it helped revitalize the series by adding something new that would draw the interest of hardcore Sonic fans from the 16 bit era.  Having the opportunity to play as multiple characters in a platform game opposed to playing as just one or two added to the appeal of Sonic Heroes similar to that of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.   Along with being able to play as multiple characters people got to witness the return of Metal Sonic in form of Metal Madness as the main villain in Sonic Heroes.  The most exciting thing about the final boss fight in Sonic Heroes was the fact that people had the chance to play as each team during the battle.  To say that the battle against Metal Madness towards the end is an understatement however the ending was well worth the effort after people completed the game in its entirety.   Sonic Heroes might not be considered to be among the best game in the series but it was not the worst either.In fact some people might agree that Sonic Heroes  was one of the better 3D games that the Sonic Team had developed during the 2000’s along with Sonic Adventure 2.


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