Classic Gaming- Killer Instinct 2: (1996)

After the original Killer Instinct game was released in arcade centers worldwide during 1995 many people were waiting to see what the sequel that title would be like. Killer Instinct 2 was developed by a British video game company known as Rare and released in 1996. While the second Killer Instinct game had featured a few characters that were present in the first title such as Jago, Sabrewulf, Spiral and Fulgore it also included some new characters such as Gargos, Kim Wu, Mata, and Tusk. The addition of new characters to the game was great but unfortunately some older characters were not included in Killer Instinct 2 such as Cinder, Riptor, Eyedol and Chief Thunder. One of the aspects about Killer Instinct 2 that stands out includes the improvement this game makes in comparison to the original in terms of mechanics. The combo system in Killer Instinct 2 was more advanced than its predecessor and included an automatic combo subsystem which was something that was rarely seen in any 2D fighting game at the time.

Killer Instinct 2 was a blast for many people who played the arcade version of the game. Some people were probably surprised to see that Killer Instinct 2 was ported for the Nintendo 64 shortly after its release. The Nintendo 64 did not have too many 2D fighting titles that were popular because they were mostly featured on the Sony PlayStation. Even though many people have different opinions having the second Killer Instinct game on the N64 console some thought that it was pretty good. Even though, Killer Instinct 2 is not mentioned as much in relation to 2D fighting titles from the 90’s many people who have played the arcade version of the game would argue that it was a solid fighting title. While many people who were fans of the Killer Instinct series enjoyed the second game back in the mid 90’s it would not be until approximately seventeen years year until a sequel was finally made and released for the Xbox One in 2013.


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