Classic Gaming- Darkwing Duck: (1992)

If you were a child in the early 90’s then your most likely familiar with many popular cartoons shows of that time period including Darkwing Duck.    When Darkwing Duck first aired on television in 1991 many people were impressed by many things especially the opening for the show.  When it came down opening theme songs Darkwing Duck was definitely one of the coolest when it came down to kids shows.  While many people enjoyed Darkwing Duck when it first premiered on the Disney Channel in 1991 the show had eventually received its own video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System about nine months later in June 1992.   The Darkwing Duck video game was developed by Capcom as action platform game similar to that of the Mega Man games which were released for the NES during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Darkwing Duck for the NES was a single player game were players had to complete six different stages while thwarting the plans of F.O.W.L. in the process.   The cool thing about this game included the fact boss of each stage had featured some of the major villains in the television series including Quacker Jack, Wolfduck, Liquidator, Bushroot, Megavolt, Moliarty along with Steelbeak as the final boss in the Floating Fortress stage.  Darkwing Duck for the NES is often compared to some of the Mega Man games for the NES because it feels similar to that of a run and gun game.

Also, Darkwing Duck as some interesting features that you would normally find in similar games including an overworld map feature where players get to decide where they are going to start a particular mission.  Also, while completing certain stages players have the ability to back to the city level for bonus mini games.  The mini games can be accessed in certain stages by retrieving the “Go” icon which allows players to return to the city while giving players about thirty seconds collect dropped jewelry following burglaries within the area.  Another great feature about this game included the soundtrack which was quite catchy especially during boss battles where the music resembled something that you would hear in a 8 bit Mega Man title.  As cool as Darkwing Duck was for the NES the game was a lot more difficult that it looked.  For each boss battle you have to attack you opponent about sixteen times to defeat them which a tough task.  Darkwing Duck for the NES was definitely a game that most people have to play numerous times before completing it entirely.  Even though, Darkwing Duck for the NES was a fun game to play for the NES some people would probably argue that it should have been made for the SNES instead since it was released over a year after that console was released worldwide.   Despite, not being released for the SNES Darkwing Duck was still a good NES classic that many people general had enjoyed during the early 90’s.


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