Classic Gaming- DuckTales: (1989)

We all remember when Ducktales first began during the late 80’s.  If you were a kid during this time period then you remember how epic and catchy the song intro was along with how exciting most of the episodes were.  As cool as the television series was some people would probably argue that game which was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989 was just as good if not challenging.   Ducktales the video game was developed by Capcom as a platform title with some interesting additions that differed from anything you would see in a generic game of the same genre. In Ducktales players got to control Mcrooge McDuck who travels throughout the world along with some parts in space to find treasures that are hidden in each stage of the game. Even though, this game only includes only five stages the game takes a while to complete and requires players to travel to certain stages more than once which adds to the overall difficult of this platform title.

While Mcrooge McDuck is considered to be the main character in this game he is not necessarily viewed as a traditional hero and can easily be viewed in the similar light of an anti-hero.   The idea that Mrooge McDuck traveled throughout the world along with space to seek for treasure would arguably make him a more realistic character than most traditional heroes that are featured in role playing for platform games.  Along with having challenging boss battles Ducktales had a nice 8 bit soundtrack for the NES along with the inclusion of multiple endings which made the game more interesting. The amount of money players have along with collecting the hidden treasures determines what type of ending they see after completing it.   After completing the game Mcrooge McDuck can either be extremely wealth which is the good ending or completely broke known as the  sad ending.  The game itself was very interesting and would be considered to be just as challenging as any platform game to have been released during the late 80’s for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Those who were huge fans of the Ducktales series as children would consider this game to be an enjoyable 80’s classic for the NES that probably deserved an SNES game during the early 90’s.


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