Classic Gaming- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition: (1995)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition was a 2D fighitng game that was exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment following its release in 1995.  Unlike Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie this game featured head to head battle instead of beat em up gameplay.  The gameplay and graphics for this title was great but one of the only things that some people felt was lacking was the ability to play as any of the power rangers.  Even though you can choose some of the  Megazords as playable characters along with different villains the inability to play as any of the Power Rangers made this game stand out in comparison to many of the other titles in the series.  Another cool thing about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition included the fact that players were able to play as Ivan Ooze who was the main villain in the beat em up MMPR title released for Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis during the same year this game came out.  The mid 90’s was a great time to be a fan of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers especially during 1995 when the movie was released worldwide during that summer.

If fans of the MMPR series were preferred fighting games over beat em up titles then the MMPR Fighting Edition was probably better choice then some of the other titles.  As cool as MMPR Fighting Edition was it only featured three game modes which included story, fighting and trial mode.  The story mode allows players to control either the Mega Tigerzord or the Thunder Megazord and fight in a series of battles.  When players defeat monsters in story mode they get a brief cutscene of them being destroyed.   Also, when players get towards the end of the game they will find that both Lord Zedd and Ivan Ooze are far more challenging then they may have originally expected which adds more excitement to the story mode.  The in game mechanics for MMPR fighting edition was also pretty cool especially the super gauge feature that allowed players to pull off power moves and special attacks depending on how many times they fill up their bar.  The Trial mode was great because  outside of story mode it could keep people busy for hours if they were playing by themselves.  Some people would probably argue that MMPR Fighting Edition was an underrated fighting game developed by Natsume.  Even though,  MMPR Fighting Edition was not considered to be the Power Rangers game in the series it was still a very fun game to play for the SNES back in the mid to late 90’s.


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