Racing Games- Super Monaco Grand Prix: (1989)

If you were a huge fan of the Sega Genesis back in the early 90’s then many exciting games come to mind in relation to 16 bit era.  Most of the racing titles for the Sega Genesis were amazing since many people had the opportunity to play these games in arcade centers and on home consoles.  One of the coolest racing titles besides Outrun that was popular during the early 90’s was Super Monaco Grand Prix .  When Super Monaco GP was first released worldwide the game first appeared for the Sega X Board system in various arcade centers before it was ported to the Sega Genesis. This first person racing game had everything one could ask for including cool game modes such as: Super Monanco GP (arcade mode), World Championship , and Free Practice.  One of the most interesting game modes in Super Monaco Grand Prix was World Championship because of the concept and the amount freedom that players had in terms of decision making.   In World Championship mode the game starts players off with a team known as Minarae as they compete against rival groups.  While players start of with team Minarae they are usually provided with basic cars during the races. As they progress throughout World Championship mode they have the ability to unlock better and much faster vehicles.

The World Championship mode in Super Monaco GP gives players the freedom to choose their rival before starting each race.  While choosing a rival the game provides players with detailed statistics about them including their nationality, car engine, car type along with car speed.  Also, there is a great deal of diversity in Super Monaco GP when it comes down rivals.  The rivals that players encounter in this game come from around the world representing different countries such as: France, Italy, Great Britain, Finland, Brazil, West Germany, Spain and Japan.    While starting off with team Minarae players can compete against opponents who are associated with rival teams such as Zeroforce, Dardanelles, Rigel, Linden, Comet, Losel, Tyrant Bestowal, Millions, May, Bullets, Madonna, etc.   When players are racing against rivals in World Championship mode they not only have the opportunity to defeat them a few times but they can also join their team if given the invitation.  In Super Monaco GP one of the things that stood out the most in World Championship mode was the player’s performance level which generally determined whether or not a rival team offered them a seat versus being let go by their current team.

As player progress throughout World Championship mode to defeat various rivals, acquire new cars along getting acquainted with new teams they also have the opportunity to win the F1 World Title which was the top prize in the game.  Along with having an excellent championship mode the 2D gameplay for the arcade version and the Sega Genesis were both fantastic.  Even though, many people might feel that the arcade version was superior in terms of gameplay & graphics the Sega Genesis version had fantastic game modes that provided players with many hours of excitement.  The amount of realism that was included in Super Monaco GP added to the replay value of this game.  When cars bumped each other from behind smoke came out along with the fact that players had the ability to pit in the middle of races if their vehicle was badly damaged.  Along with having great 2D gameplay Super Monaco GP had also featured around sixteen different tracks with one of them resembling the  “Cote d’ Azur” stage in Gran Tursimo 4 which was eventually released for the PS2 during 2004.  There were many classic racing games that come to mind when people think about the 16 bit era of gaming.  Some people would argue that Super Monaco GP was definitely among the best racing games for the Sega Genesis in the early 90’s along with being a title that screams instant classic when they think about it.


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