Retro Gaming- Virtua Racing: (1992)

There were so many memorable racing games that were made back in the early’s that many people enjoyed when they were released in arcade centers around the world.  When we think about popular racing games of the early 90’s titles such as Top Gear, Daytona USA, Outrun and Grand Monaco GP come to mind.  Along with those popular racing titles one of the games that many people were thoroughly impressed by was Virtua Racing which was developed by Sega A2 and released for the Sega Model 1 arcade system in 1992.   In terms of visual presentation Virtua Racing was one of the coolest games within its genre because it seemed like it was ahead of its time.  After Virtua Racing was released in arcade centers it was eventually ported for consoles such as the Sega Genesis, Sega 32X and the Sega Saturn.  While the arcade version of Virtua Racing was probably the best in terms of quality the Sega Saturn port seemed just as good as the original.   The Sega Genesis port of Virtua Racing had also looked impressive especially considering the fact that it was a 16 bit version of the game.

The Sega 32X version of Virtua Racing was also very impressive considering the fact the visual display looked similar to something you would see for the original Sony PlayStation.  In terms of gameplay & graphics the Sega Saturn version was the very best but the only problem was that the console itself was very expensive.  When the Sega Saturn was first released it averaged around $400 and was about twice the price of the Sega Genesis when it was first released.   Despite, the fact that Virtua Racing had a few game modes and limited stages it was still a very fun title to play.  Not only did Viruta Racing feature multiplayer gameplay but it also gave players the option of choosing courses based on their level of difficulty such as: beginner, medium and expert.  Along with course selection players also had the ability to switch between manual and automatic transmission during races which is generally a feature that is included in most racing titles.   Looking back at this game now some people would argue that Viruta Racing had paved the way for many other 3D racing titles that became popular during the 1990’s.  While Virtua Racing is not talked about nearly as much as other popular racing titles such as the Gran Turismo and the Outrun series it was definitely a game that many people enjoyed playing during the early 90’s in arcade centers worldwide.


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