Retro Gaming- Battle Arena Toshinden: (1995)

There was nothing like the classics when it came down to fighting titles back in the 1990’s.  While there were so many popular 3D games that received arcade releases that many people are familiar the 90’s did have its share of exciting titles to be featured exclusively on home consoles.  When some people think of popular 3D fighting titles that are exclusive for home consoles Battle Arena Toshinden they remember games such as Battle Arena Toshinden which was released for the Sony PlayStation in 1995.  Along with being released for the original Sony PlayStation Battle Arena Toshinden was also ported to the Sega Saturn and was made available for Game Boy.  Battle Arena Toshinden was pretty cool fighting game that many would probably argue should of had an arcade release before being on the Sony PlayStation or the Sega Saturn.  There were several things about Battle Arena Tohinden that people enjoyed including the 3D gameplay and graphics.

The intro for this game along with the narration made it feel like you were getting ready to watch a two hour movie.  While the intro provides players with an overview regarding the main plot for Battle Arena Toshinden the main story itself is very basic.  Some people would argue that the original Battle Arena Toshinden lacked depth in terms of storyline along with having a small roster of fighters.  Even though, Battle Arena Toshinden lacked in certain areas including game modes many people will agree that it was still a vety fun title to play especially for the Sega Saturn.   While the graphics for the Sony PlayStation version of Battle Arena Toshinden was good the Sega Saturn version was just as impressive and seemed faster than the PS1 version of this game.  Along with having nice 3D gameplay many people would agree that the soundtrack for Battle Arena Toshinden was epic.  Especially the theme songs for characters such as Ellis, Sofia, Kayin and Duke that some would consider to be highly underrated in terms gaming OST’s.  As good the original  Battle Arena Toshinden was for its time the game never received a big re-release or an official remake.  Those who are familiar with the Battle Arena Toshinden series would definitely agree that the original game deserves some type re-release.  Not only was Battle Arena Toshinden one of the coolest non-mainstream fighting games of its time but was also an enjoyable classic for those who grew up during the 64 bit era during the 90’s.


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