Sony PlayStation Games- Bushido Blade: (1997)

There were so many fighting games that were popular back in the 1990’s that many people enjoyed for the original PlayStation console during the mid to late 90’s.  Back in 1997, a 3D fighting game entitled Bushido Blade was released for the Sony PlayStation after being developed by Square and Bergasala Lightweight.  Bushido Blade was a very unique type of fighting game because unlike many other titles it did not include time meters or health bars.  In Bushido Blade players had a fatal blow system which would allow players to K.O. their opponents in order to win a match.  One of the features that stands out most about this game included the feature involving the Bushido code.    In the story mode of Bushido Blade players are expected to fight fair while refraining from utilizing dirty tactics to win battles.   In this game dirty tactics generally involved such actions such as attacking an opponent from behind or during their speech.  When players do not follow the Bushido code their actions are seen as dishonorable which ultimately prevents them from progressing further throughout the story mode in this game.

Along with have an interesting story Bushido Blade had also included various other game modes including versus, training, Slash, and POV.  The POV mode in Bushido Blade was very unique because it allowed players to battle their opponents in first person view.  The Slash mode in this game was also pretty cool because it looked synonymous to something you would see in a beat em up fighting game where players have to defeat multiple enemies.  Luckily, in Bushido Blade the opponents arrive one by one as opposed to beat em up titles where many people appear at once.  Along having game modes that would keep players busy for many hours Bushido Blade also had a decent Japanese like soundtrack which added a nice touch to this title.  Some people would agree that Bushido Blade is a title which is often overlooked by many people does not get the type of credit that it truly deserves. Even though, Bushido Blade was not as popular as many other fighting titles during the mid to late 90’s it was it a solid & innovative game that retro gamers would probably enjoy to this day.


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