Classic Gaming- Dragon Ball Z Budokai: (2002)

Throughout the 90’s many people enjoyed the Dragon Ball Z series considering the fact that it was and still remains to be one of the best anime shows of all time.  When Dimps developed a 3D DragonBall Z game which was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002 many people were excited  about it.  Dragon Ball Z Budokai was one of the first games within the series to feature 3D gameplay & graphics.  The story mode in Dragon Ball Z Budokai was probably one of the main things that defined this game for being one of the coolest titles within its series.  Dragon Ball Z Budokai was probably one of the first 3D games in the serie  to actually feature cutscenes from Saiyan, Namek, Frieza, Android and Cell sagas.  Without a doubt the story mode for Dragon Ball Z Budokai was a blast but it was almost as challenging as it was fun.  Trying to defeat a Full Powered Frieza with Super Saiyan Goku on Namek was a lot tougher for most people than it seemed and was probably one of the toughest battles in the game.

A close second for probably being one of the toughest fights in Dragon Ball Z Budokai was the battle against Perfect Cell as Super Saiyan 2 Gohan .  Along with those battles players have the opportunity to relieve so many popular battles from the series all the way up to the Cell Saga. There were various characters from the series including Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and many more that people can play as in Dragon Ball Budokai.  The “What If” storylines featured in Dragon Ball Z Budokai was also a great addition to this game which made people enjoy the story mode even more.  Even though, its debatable among many people about which Budokai game was the best some would agree that the first game was very fun and had a high replay value.


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