Classic Gaming- WCW vs nWo World Tour: (1997)

Without a doubt the Nintendo 64 had featured some of the coolest wrestling games ever made.  WCW vs nWo World Tour was developed by Asmik Ace Entertainment along with AKI Corporation and released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997.  When this game was first released  in the late 90’s many people were excited about especially considering the fact that 1997 was one of the best years ever to be a fan of pro wrestling.   WCW vs nWo World Tour was one of the many popular wrestling titles to have been released during the Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE  during the late 90’s.  During this time period WCW had included a spectacular roster of wrestlers that many people loved along with great storylines which kept fans on the edge of their seats every week during the Monday Night Wars.  There were so many things about WCW vs nWo World Tour that was impressive when it was first released.

The in game mechanics for WCW vs nWo World Tour is seen by many people as revolutionary since many wrestling games following this one utilized similar mechanics including WCW vs nWo Revenge which was released in 1998.  This game provided players with the choice to play as WCW, nWo, Dead or Alive and Independent Union wrestlers which was very exciting.  There were also various game modes to choose from including WCW vs nWo, Exhibition, League Challenge, League and Tournament.  Also, players had the choice to compete in various match types including single, tag-team, handicap and battle royal which were among the many things that contributed to the overall replay value of this wrestling title.  While WCW vs nWo was probably one the coolest wrestling games to have be released for the Nintendo 64 in the late 90’s many would agree that its successor WCW vs nWo was just as great if not better.


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