Retro Games- Sonic Riders: (2006)

Sonic Riders was a futuristic like racing title that most of us remember from the mid 00’s which was developed by the Sonic Team and NOW Production.  Sonic Riders was a very fun and unique racing game that was released on various different consoles including Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube.   After its release many people who have been long time fans of the Sonic series were probably surprised and impressed by the concept of the game in regards to racing on hoverboards.  This game featured some of the main characters from the series including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose.  This game was also very fun because it brought in some new characters including Jet, Storm and Wave who were all Babylonian Rouges.  In fact, the plot for the story mode in Sonic Riders was interesting because it allowed people to play as the Heroes as well as the Babylonian Rouges.  Each character in the game had a special attribute that made them stand out in some way within their respective teams.  Characters such as Sonic  & Jet were speed type characters while Tails & Wave the Shallow were known to be flying types.

Both Knuckles & Storm were power types so they were able to progress throughout most race courses with brute force by literally knocking down objects that got in their way.  Speaking of race courses the level design for some of the stages in this game were amazing such as the Babylon Garden, Desert Ruins and the Ice Factory.  Along with having nice racing levels and there were also many fun multiplayer stages that were available in game’s survival mode.    While Sonic Riders added some new characters to the series players also had the chance to unlock some hidden ones who were also popular in the Sonic series.  Players had the ability to unlock characters such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit and Nights along with the ability to play as Super Sonic.  As fun as the story mode was some people would probably argue that Shadow and Rouge should have been apart of the story mode.  While introducing new characters such as the Babylonian Rouges was cool because people got to see something new having Shadow & Rouge in the picture would have definitely made for a more interesting story overall.  While some of the Sonic games of the 00’s have been heavily criticized by many people over the years Sonic Riders overall was a decent title that many people could easily enjoy.


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