Retro Fighting Titles- Virtua Fighter 5: (2006)

As many people know the Viruta Fighter series has evolved dramatically since it started in the early 90’s.  When Sega AM2 developed and released Virtua Fighter 5 many people were impressed on how much the series has evolved in terms of in game mechanics and visual presentation.  When Virtua Fighter 5 was released there were multiple versions for this game including arcade, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 port which were all similar but slightly different.  Just like its predecessor Virtua Fighter 4 this game included many returning characters that are very popular in the series including Akira Yuki, Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant, Jacky Bryant, Lei- Fei and others.  Even though, Virtua Fighter 5 was a very exciting game to play many people enjoyed the “Final Showdown” version of this game even more.   Unlike, its predecessor Virtua Figher 4 there was no version of VF 5 that included a Quest Mode where emphasis was placed on currency.

Instead, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown included various other game modes including License Mode, Score Attack and Special Sparring which some people thoroughly enjoyed.  Along with those three game modes Virtua Fighter 5 had also included a traditional Arcade, Versus and Training option that would allow players to gain hours of offline gameplay.  This was especially true for those who owned a PlayStation 3 since online gameplay was mostly featured on the Xbox 360 at the time.  Despite, how exciting this game looks some people would argue that it was a tough game to learn how to play.  Even though, players may have a command list when trying to execute some the moves of each character in the game at times most of them seem hard to remember during actual battles against an opponent.   While Virtua Fighter may have been tough to learn for some people it also made for an exciting game for those who are long time fans of the series in general.


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