Should there be a Megaman x9 for the Nintendo NX?

As many of us know the Mega Man X series had originated in the early 90’s and since it began a majority of gamers have been highly impressed by various aspects of almost each game including the storylines, gameplay, and graphics.  Ever since Mega Man X8 was released for the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s many people have been waiting for over a decade for a possible sequel for that particular game.  Unfortunately, Capcom currently has no plans on releasing a sequel to Megaman X9 despite how badly many people want to see it.  As of right now the idea is that Capcom is not too high on Mega Man right now and has refrained from making any more major titles within the series.  As of right now one of the closest things that we got  in terms of a new Mega Man game is Mighty Number 9. which was developed by Comcept & Inti Creates.

Despite, not getting a new Mega Man X game many people will still have the opportunity to play the first six Mega Man games on smartphones very soon.  While the original Mega Man games are always fun for retro gamers who grew up during the late 80’s and early 90’s  the X’s series definitely stood out in terms of having some of the coolest platform titles back in the day.  As of right now we all know that the Nintendo NX is suppose to be making its debut sometime during early 2017.  If Capcom were to develop a Mega Man X9  for the Nintendo NX there is a significant chance that it would perform very well in sales considering the fact that its a game that many people would have waited over a decade to see. Also,  Megaman X9 could also have the possibility to be a main attraction game for the Nintendo NX besides titles like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest XI and Project Sonic 2017.  Even though, there may potentially be no sequel to Mega Man X8 for the Nintendo NX the idea of having Mega Man X9 sounds like something that many fans of the series would be very interested in if were to happen.


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