Classic Gaming- Pokemon Red & Blue: (1996)

There were so many cool things that came out of the 90’s when it came down to gaming.  One of the most memorable gaming titles from the 90’s decade was the Pokémon series which was developed by Game Freak for the Game Boy handheld console and released in Japan in 1996.  Pokémon Red & Blue was not released in America until 1998 and after it came out many people were very excited about both games along with the Green and Yellow version of this title.  While each version of Pokémon was different in some way they were all very similar and just as difficult if you were a first time in this game.  One of the coolest things about this game is the fact that you can play as your own character as opposed to the television series where Ash Ketchum is the main character.  Along with having your their own characters players have the opportunity to choose what type of Pokémon they want have.  The options players had in terms of Pokémon included  Bulbasaur, Charmander and a Squirtle.  As players progress throughout the game they have the opportunity to earn various badges from many different gym leaders.

One of the more realistic aspects of this game included the level up system used for the Pokemon in this game.  If one leveled their Pokémon up to a certain level some of them can eventually evolve into stronger creatures while others required specials to evolve such as Pikachu and Clafairy.   Along with battling gym leaders players will often encounter Team Rocket on different occasions while traveling to various different cities in the game.  As exciting as the in game battles in Pokémon are things start to become more challenging as players get closer to the Elite Four near the end of the game.  If players have caught enough Pokémon and developed special strategies on how to defeat their opponents then taking on the Elite Four is probably not much of a problem for them.  Despite, the level of difficulty Pokémon Red & Blue might present for some people its still a fun game to play that would allow you to get many hours of gameplay.  The save feature in Pokémon was great because it allowed players to save their progress anytime in the game.  When it comes down to classic titles for the original Game Boy Pokémon Red & Blue is considered to be an instant classic that many people enjoyed during the late 90’s when the series as a whole became very popular.


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