Should Nintendo make a remastered version of Mario Kart 64?

Sometimes its hard to believe that Mario Kart 64 was released about 20 years ago for the Nintendo 64 game console in December 1996.  Mario Kart 64 was definitely one of the  most revolutionary racing games that Nintendo has ever produced.  The transition from 2D racing on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System into 3D gameplay on the N64 was quite impressive and was considered to be the favorite game of many people who bought the console in the mid 90’s.  There were so many things about Mario Kart 64 that was amazing including the in game mechanics, level designs along with the soundtracks which made the game that much more memorable.  Mario Kart 64 is the game that started 3D racing within the Mario series and many people would probably agree that it exceeded their wildest expectations following its release in 1996.  Over the years there have been remakes of many great games that are considered to be classic in the eyes of gamers around the world.

In the past Nintendo has re-released and remake some classic titles such as the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask. While the Legend of Zelda series is quite popular as well many people feel that Mario Kart 64 would be placed on the list of Nintendo 64 games that also deserves to be remastered.  As of right now there has not been much talk about a new Mario Kart game for the Nintendo NX or the New Nintendo 3DS XL. Even though, there is a decent chance that we may see a Mario Kart 9 for the Nintendo NX many people would also love to see a remake of Mario Kart 64 especially considering the fact that it just passed its 20 year anniversary in December 2016.  While the Nintendo NX is promising to be something very special releasing a remastered version of Mario Kart 64 can possibly contribute to many people buying the console since its something they have been waiting a very long time to see.


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