Underground Classics- Gley Lancer: (1992)

There were so many cool games that were released during the early 90’s were released for the Sega Genesis game console.  Even though, Americans got to enjoy some of the best gaming titles the Sega Genesis had to offer there were also so pretty epic titles that did not make it to the United States during the 1990’s.  When Gley Lancer was first released in 1992 it was only available in Japan.   Gley Lancer was a side scrolling rail shooter game for the Sega Genesis that was impressive in terms of gameplay and visual design.  The graphic for Gley Lancer was amazing for a 2D title and the cutscenes for the game looked similar to that of an actual anime.  Another element that made Gley Lancer standout included its magnificent soundtrack.  The soundtrack for Gley Lancer was amazing and was probably among the best that anyone would hear in a 2D side scrolling rail shooter game.  As great as Gley Lancer looked in terms of visuals many people are probably surprised by the fact that it never received  an arcade release.

If Gley Lancer had received an arcade release prior to being released for the Sega Genesis the title could have been more popular than it actually was during the time.   However, the fact that Gley Lancer was an exclusive game for the Sega Genesis is what makes it a treasure to those who were hardcore retro gamers who grew up during the 1990’s.  While it was true that many could easily gain access to this game on the Wii Virtual Console following its release in 2008 having the actual cartridge itself would be special for those who currently own a Sega Genesis.  While Gley Lancer may not be as popular as Thunder Force III or the R-Type series some would still considered it to be an underrated rail shooting title that should have received more recognition then it did following its development by Masaya Games in the early 90’s.


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