Game Boy Advance Games- Sonic Advance 2: (2002)

As many of us know Sonic Adventure 2 was another cool platform game that was developed by Dimps and the Sonic Team during the early 2000’s for the Game Boy Advance.  In terms of gameplay Sonic Advance 2 was one of the best 32 bit platform games for the Game Boy Advance along with other games within its series.  Similar to the older 2D Sonic games for the Sega Genesis Sonic Advance 2 is a fast paced platform game. But unlike the older Sega Genesis titles Sonic Advance 2 allows people to play with up to five characters in the game as opposed to just one or two.  The game allows players to start off as Sonic the Hedgehog and as they progress throughout the game they unlock other characters including Tails, Knuckles Cream the Rabbit and Amy Rose.    Out of all of the characters in the game Amy Rose is the most difficult to unlock considering the fact they players must complete the entire game with each character prior to unlocking her.

Even though unlocking Amy Rose is a difficult task to complete in Sonic Advance 2 the game itself is very fun along with the fact that the other characters are not as difficult to unlock in comparison her.  While progressing throughout the game people have the chance to complete so many exciting levels including Sky Canyon, Ice Paradise, Music Plant, Leaf Forest and Egg Utopia.  Each level presented a boss fight that was both exciting and challenging because players had to learn how to defeat each one through trial and error if they were new to Sonic Advance 2.  Along with the level designs and the various characters people were able to play as the special stages were also pretty unique since it featured 2D graphics on a 3D like landscape.   In terms of gameplay this 32 bit Sonic game was very impressive and is probably one of the most exciting platform titles one will ever play if they are a true fan of the series.


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