Retro Games- Thunder Force III: (1990)

During the late 80’s and early 90’s there were so many cool games that people remembered and loved during the 16 bit era.   While there were various genres that were popular during the 16 bit era including beat em up, fighting, platform and RPG many people also remember how much fun they had with side scrolling rail shooting titles back then.   One of the coolest rail shooting titles that emerged from the 16 bit era was Thunder Force III which was developed by Technosoft and released for the Sega Genesis in 1990.  As many of us know the game also had an arcade release under the title “Thunder Force AC” along with being ported for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System the following year as “Thunder Spirits” in 1991.  Since the Thunder Force series first began in the early 80’s many people were impressed by how much it evolved over time in terms of gameplay and visual design especially during the early 90’s.  As many know Thunder Force III emphasizes the ongoing saga involving the battle between the Galaxy Federation and the ORN Empire.

As players control “Styx”  with the purpose of destroying the ORN Emperor they must travel to various planets including Hydra, Gorgon, Seiren , Haides  and Ellis before infiltrating the ORN headquarters.  While many people like the Sega Genesis version of Thunder Force III some people would probably prefer the arcade or the Super Nintendo version of this game.   In terms of graphics and soundtrack many people would argue that the Sega Genesis version of Thunder Force III was more superior than the Super Nintendo version of this game.  The soundtrack for Thunder Force III was probably among  the best that anyone would hear in a side scrolling rail shooter game and would be considered a 16 bit masterpiece for those who are familiar with this title.   Even though, the level designs for each stage in Thunder Force III was impressive some might argue that a few of the stages were tougher than they looked.  Those who were very skilled a rail shooter games probably had no problem with this game and found it to be more fun then challenging. Thunder Force III was definitely one of the best rail shooter games to have emerged from the early 90’s and is a title which is considered a classic in the eyes of many people who grew up during the 16 bit era.


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