Game Consoles- Game Boy Advance SP: (2003)

The gaming world was very exciting during the early to mid 00’s especially if one was a huge fan of handheld game consoles.  It was during the early 00’s when 2D gaming was probably at its best best since there was a lot of emphasis on the utilization of 32-bit gameplay.  During the early 90’s 16-bit gameplay was seen as the pentacle of 2D gaming for 3D gaming started to become very popular in the mid to late 90’s.  Even though, 3D gaming started to become more popular in the late 90’s many people still loved the 16 -bit classics of the early 90’s since they featured a ton of creativity.   When the original Game Boy Advance console was released in 2001 many people were excited about the fact they were able to enjoy remakes of various titles that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s on a 32-bit handheld device.  On the Game Boy Advance we got to see the re-release of many classics such as the Final Fantasy IV-VI, Castlevania, Double Dragon, Final Fight The Legend of Zelda, Phantasy Star and others.

Also, there were some awesome games that were developed  for the Game Boy Advance line such as Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald which sold millions worldwide along with various titles from the Mario Advance series.    When the Game Boy Advance SP was released in 2003  it was probably one of the most impressive handheld game devices of the early 00’s.  The Game Boy Advance SP was very unique because not only flip screen but it also included LCD lighting which was a fantastic improvement from the original GBA were people had to buy their own worm light separately.  What was great about the Game Boy Advance SP was that it averaged around $100 shortly after its release and did not require batteries like the original GBA. While the original Game Boy Advance required two double a batteries the SP was chargeable which was very convenient if one was low on power.   The coolest thing about the original Game Boy Advance and the SP was that it was a device that retro gamers had dreamed about since the mid 90’s.  The Game Boy Advance SP was like  owning a portable 32-bit version of the SNES.  Those who had the Game Boy Advance SP back in the early 00’s could truly understand how fabulous this gaming device was when it was first released.  Along with having spectacular 2D gameplay we got to see remakes of our favorite classics with better quality which made owning the Game Boy Advance SP special to many people.


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