Gamecube titles that should be on the Virtual Console


1) Mario Kart Double Dash: (2003)– Included exciting single and multiplayer gameplay and was probably one of the most creative and innovative titles in the whole series.  One of the features that stood out the most included idea of players having the ability to select two drivers and being able to switch during any part of the race.  The cooperative gameplay during Grand Prix mode was especially fun as two players got to compete against the computer.  Along with cooperative gameplayer Mario Kart Double Dash also allowed two players to compete in the grand prix as opponents with the addition of an exciting battle mode where four people can play simultaneously.  With at least twenty characters and spectacular gameplay Mario Kart Double Dash is definitely one of the many games that people would love to see on the Virtual Console.



2) The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures: (2004)- The Legend of Zelda has featured many cool games over the years and Four Swords Adventures was one that stands out for some people.  The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures was one of the few multiplayer game titles within its series where players could utilize their Game Boy Advance as controllers for the Nintendo GameCube.  Along with being available for the Nintendo GameCube Four Swords Adventures was also featured on the Game Boy Advance as well.  The cool thing about the GameCube version Four Swords Adventures was the fact that the gameplay & graphics were similar to that of the 32-bit Game Boy Advance.  Since Four Swords Adventures has been featured on both the Nintendo GameCube and the Game Boy Advance it would be cool to this game on the Virtual Console as well.



3) Star Fox Adventures: (2002)- This game was released in the early 00’s by Rare and was an interesting game in the Star Fox series.  The setting for this game takes place a few years after the events of Star Fox 64.  This game includes characters many popular characters from the series including Fox McCloud, Slipy Toad, Falco Lonbardi and Krystal along with exciting cutscenes as one progresses throughout the game.  While players are given the task of dealing with General Scales and defeating Andross again in order to bring restoration to the Krazoa Spirits they got witness a very exciting adventure in process.  One of the coolest things about this game was that it was a multi-genre game that featured elements of shooting, action and beat em up gameplay.  When it comes down to games for the Virtual Console Star Fox Adventures would be a nice title to have for those who are huge fans of the series.



4) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: (2003)-  This action RPG game does not get talked about as much as the other games with in the Final Fantasy series.  Final Fantasy Chronicles was released in the early 00’s for the Nintendo GameCube and was an enjoyable title for some who played the game.  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles had featured real time battles along with cool chain combos during battle.  Also, not only was the battle system flexible when it came down to magical & melee attacks during battle the multiplayer mode was very innovative.  The only thing about the multiplayer mode was that players had to utilize Game Boy Advance systems as controllers.  Even though, this game was developed mainly by Game Designer Studio some people who are huge fans of the series would be excited to see Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the Virtual Console.



5) F-Zero GX: (2003)- Probably one of the most underrated games of the early 00’s and is something that is hard to find in stores that sells used games.  The graphics and cinematic cutscenes for F-Zero GX was were amazing along with the fast paced gameplay it had to offer.  This futuristic game allows players to participate in grand prix that includes thirty competitors with themselves included.  Players had the opportunity to compete for various race cups including Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire along with multiplayer gameplay which makes this game very interesting.  Even though Nintendo & Amusement Vision had never produced the long awaited sequel that people have been waiting over a decade for they would probably love to see this classic GameCube title on the Virtual Console following the release of the Nintendo Switch.








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