Retro Gaming- Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: (2006)

When it came down to gaming the 00’s was definitely on of the best time periods to be a fan of the Pokemon series.  Following the release of games such Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire the world eventually got to see Diamond & Pearl in 2006.  Pokemon Diamond & Pearl were among the first games within its series to be released for the Nintendo DS and were both considered to be great titles for the 32-bit handheld console.  As players journey throughout both games they have the opportunity to battle many gym leaders and earn various badges including the Coal, Forest, Cobble, Fen Relic, Mine, Icicle and their Beacon badge.  While progressing throughout the game players have to deal with various obstacles including encounters with Team Galactic along with their leader Cyrus.  Similar to the other Pokemon games players must do battle with the Elite Four towards the end of the game.  In Pokemon Diamond & Pearl players must battle a new group of individuals in the Elite Four including Aaron, Bertha , Flint and Lucian.

The game throws players a curve ball with the final battle with Cynthia considering the fact she as multiple types of Pokemon as opposed to creatures who are all of the same element.  Along with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl providing people with fantastic 32 bit excitement both titles were among the first to feature online multiplayer gameplay.  With some the earlier games a link cable was required for players to engage in battle with one another but since the mid 00’s was the time period online gaming started to become big it was only necessary that Game Freak had implemented such a feature in their Pokemon games.  One of the most impressive things about Pokemon Diamond & Pearl is that together both games sold over 18 million units worldwide since its release back in the mid 00’s.  Selling over 18 million units worldwide was an impressive feat considering the fact that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl  surpassed their successors Ruby & Sapphire which hit over 15 million units since its release in the early 00’s for the Game Boy Advance.  As time progressed many people would agree that the series has improved with age considering the fact that Game Freak always come up with a way to draw interest of gamers who are fans of the Pokemon series.


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