Classic Games- Mega Man X4: (1997)

Back in the day the Mega Man X series rarely failed to impress numerous people who were huge fans of the series.  When the Mega Man X series first started in the early 90’s a lot of people were impressed by the gameplay, graphics and storytelling that was featured in the first three games that were released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the first three games in the Mega Man X series were very exciting they were also just as challenging as well.  The late 90’s was an interesting time period for the Mega Man series especially 1997 & 1998 due to the release of both Mega Man X4 and Mega Man Legends for the PS1.  On one hand Capcom had finally decided to make a 3D Mega Man game which many people had been waiting since the 80’s to see and on the other the Mega Man X series felt just as popular as ever around the late 90’s.  When Mega Man X4 was released for the Sony PlayStation many people were impressed by the high quality visual display it presented along with advanced 2D gameplay in comparison to the preceding games in the series.

Along with the graphics one the many things that made Mega Man X4 a must have title for the PS1 was the fact that it was the second game that featured Zero as a playable character.  While having Zero in a Mega Man game felt similar to playing as Knuckles the Echidna in a classic Sonic title being able to choose another cool character besides the main protagonist made things more interesting.  The plot for Mega Man X4 was also interesting seeing that the setting took place in the 22nd century and focused on the misunderstandings between the Mavericks and the Repliforce caused mainly by Sigma after being defeated on three different occasions.  While the animation cutscenes for Mega Man X4 was a great feature that added to the overall quality to the game itself many would say that it contributed to making the story that much better than its predecessors for the SNES.  While the story for Mega Man X4 some could argue that it was kinda dark considering the fact that Sky Lagoon fell on another city and literally killed thousands of people in the process.  Even though, the reemergence of Sigma was a predicable element in the storyline for Mega Man X4 it was still a very good game overall.  While Mega Man X4 is not considered to be most popular game within its series it still managed sell over million units worldwide since its release for multiple consoles including the Sega Saturn and the PS1.


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