Classic Gaming- Contra III: Alien Wars (1992)

When we look back at gaming specifically for consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System sometimes its hard to believe how many great titles were released during the early to mid 90’s.  When it came down to side scrolling run and gun games Contra III: Alien Wars was probably one of the coolest titles available for the SNES along the Mega Man X series during the first half of the 1990’s.   Contra III: Alien Wars was not only the third installment within its entire series but it was also the first game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as well.  When the Contra series first started in the late 80’s many people were impressed by the 8 bit gameplay that Konami had produced for the first two games.   Contra III: Alien Wars was a game that exceeded the expectations of many people who were fans of the series because there were countless improvements that this game had in comparison to its last two predecessors.  The graphics for Contra III: Alien Wars was simply fantastic.  The opening intro along with various cutscenes in the game really added to the quality of Contra III.  Also, the in game mechanics for Contra III was amazing because it allowed players to witness first hand how innovative Konami was in terms of level design throughout the game.

When it comes down to stage design levels two and five stood out the most mainly because of the overhead gameplay the Contra III provided with the utilization of Mode 7.  Not only was the overhead feature included for single-player gameplay but it also worked if there were two players as well.  While some might argue that completing levels two & five in multiplayer mode is tough due to the split screen feature many can also agree that most of the stages in general is very hard.   Speaking of difficulty Contra III: Alien Wars was one of those games that challenged players to complete the game on the hardest level possible in order to get the best ending.  The best thing about playing through this game multiple times  was that it allowed players to get better on levels such as easy or normal before completing it on hard.  This 16 bit classic which was set in the 27th century allows players to enjoy an exciting adventure while defeating the Red Falcon and its forces in six different levels.  When it comes down to classic games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Contra III: Alien Wars is generally one of the top games that many people who grew up in the 16 bit era of gaming think about.


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