Could the Sega Dreamcast 2 have changed the gaming industry?

There are many people who were probably disappointed that “Project Dream” had decided to shut down when it did not to long ago.  While its pretty obvious that the Sega Corporation does not plan on release a new game console as a successor to the original Dreamcast in the future many people were strongly supportive the idea of a Sega Dreamcast 2.  When we think about the original Sega Dreamcast which was released back in the late 90’s it was a very popular game console along with the Nintend0 64 and the Sony PlayStation during that time period.  In terms of sales the original Sega Dreamcast had managed to reach over 9 million units worldwide which was very impressive.  But  in comparison to the Nintendo 64 and the original PlayStation the Sega Dreamcast console did not sell quite as much.  The Nintendo 64 had eventually managed to sell over 32 million units since its inception while the original PlayStation had hit over 102 million worldwide in terms of sales.

But just because the original Sega Dreamcast did not sell as much units worldwide as some it their competitors it didn’t mean that many people loved the console along with many exciting games that it featured.  The original Sega Dreamcast console gave us some unforgettable game such as the Sonic Adventure series, Power Stone, Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star Online.  Even though, Sega had produced many great titles for the Dreamcast console competition began to get fierce in the early 00’s and along with having corporations such as Nintendo and Sony as major competitors in the gaming market they also had to deal with Microsoft and their new system known as Xbox.  So the question on whether or not Sega Dreamcast could have changed the gaming industry would most likely prompt people to say no rather than yes.  One of the reasons was because the gaming industry was already evolving with more emphasis on  high quality cinematic 3D visuals and realistic gameplay. If the Sega had ever released a Dreamcast 2 back in the early 00’s it could have been slightly more advanced than the PlayStation 2 or the Nintendo GameCube considering the fact that the original console seemed like it was ahead of its time during the late 90’s.   While some might argue that another home based Sega console would not have contributed to any major changes in the gaming industry they could also argue that it would have made the competition with rival companies more interesting during the 00’s .


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