Games from the 90’s- Mega Man 7: (1995)

The Mega Man series was always impressive back in the 90’s during the 16-bit era of gaming and it was something that many people rarely got tired of.  While the Mega Man X series was amazing for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System the regular series was also something that many people really enjoyed since the 1980’s for the NES console as well. But sometimes the Mega Man X series seemed to be slightly more interesting to many people than the regular series.  When Mega Man 7 was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System it was definitely a sold 2D run and gun title.  Capcom never seemed to miss a step when it came down to developing Mega Man games for the NES or the SNES back in the 80’s and 90’s.  One of the most interesting things about this game was the plot.  In the beginning players find about Dr. Wily’s imprisonment and how his Robot Masters were programmed to find him after going half a year without communication.

Not only does Mega Man have to deal with Dr. Wily again but he must also deal with powerful new foes including Burst, Cloud, Freeze and Junk Man.  After defeating the original four robots players must also destroy four additional machines such as Slash, Spring, Shade and Turbo Man.  Also, just as many people would expect most of the boss battles in the game are tough but some are more difficult than others.   While opinions may vary on who the hardest bosses in the game were some would claim that Junk and Freeze Man were among the toughest to deal with as a beginner in Mega Man 7. Another cool thing about Mega Man 7 was the introduction of another protagonist in the game known as Bass and his robotic wolf named Treble.Not only do players discover that Bass is also out to foil Wily’s plans but they find out that he is one of his creations as well.

While the plot twist in Mega Man 7 might have surprised some people others may have expected it. However,  if Bass was a legit ally of Mega Man in this game having him as a playable character could have added more excitement to the game itself. But having Bass and Treble as spies made the plot interesting and made Dr. Wily appear like more of genius than he was in many of the previous Mega Man titles.   While Mega Man 7 was popular for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System it also released on other consoles under Mega Man Collection.  Looking back at Mega Man 7 it would be safe to say that it was a game that some people took for granted.  While the Mega Man X series was impressive some would agree that overtime it slowly began to overshadow the regular Mega Man series that originated on the NES during the 80’s.


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