Gaming in the 00’s- New Super Mario Bros: (2006)

The Super Mario series has been around since the 80’s and has remained impressive since its inception.  While many people were excited about the original Super Mario Bros game when it was first released for the Nintendo Entertainment System the New Super Mario Bros kinda felt like a blast from the past with new added gameplay elements to make things more exciting.  One of the many aspects about the New Super Mario Bros included the gameplay.  The graphics for the New Super Mario Bros where pretty cool because it felt like some of the older 2D Mario titles but with 3D graphics.  Throughout most of the New Super Mario Bros players find themselves playing as Mario or Luigi in order to thwart the plans of Bowser Jr. after he kidnaps Princess Peach.  This Mario game features at least eighty different levels along with eight different worlds which give players the chance to play a 2D platform title with 3D graphics.

The power ups provided in this game were also pretty cool as well because it made everything much more interesting in comparison to previous 2D Mario titles.  In Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS players ca n utilize Mega Mushrooms to increase their size which is very convenient especially during boss battles where the enemies can be defeated by jumping on them only once.  This is especially true regarding the boss battle with Bowser Sr. along with most of the fights involving Bowser Jr.   While some people might consider Bowser Jr. to be a pushover battling him and Bowser Sr. can prove to be an overwhelming task without any type of power-ups at all.  Not only is the game reminiscent of the older 2D Super Mario Bros its also quite challenging which is one of the many things that contributes to overall replay value of this title.  When it comes down to games for the Nintendo DS the New Super Mario Bros was one of the most fun titles for that console along with being very successful in terms of sales by reaching over 30 million units worldwide.    Sometimes its hard to believe that its been over a decade since this game was released worldwide for the Nintendo DS but for those who grew up in the 00’s the New Super Mario Bros was definitely one of the coolest handheld Mario titles during that time period.


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