Is the Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse series more creative than Budokai?

There are many people who seem to love the Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse series since it first started in back in 2015.  Almost everything about the Xenoverse series was quite impressive such as the gameplay, graphics, storyline along with the soundtrack. When Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse was first released over a year ago it was full of life and creativity and made people want to buy the game as soon as it hit the shelves in many stores such as GameStop.  Many people were just as impressed by the Xenoverse series as they were about the Budokai series back in the 00’s for game consoles such as PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube.  Back in the 00’s Dimps had developed some interesting concepts to add some sort of creativity to some of the DBZ Budokai games to make them stand out from various other titles in the series.


Back in the original Dragon Ball Z Budokai game released in 2002 one of the features that was included in the story mode was the what-if saga.  The “what if ” saga was interesting because it provided scenarios involving some of the top characters of Dragon Ball Z in the Saiyan, Namek and Cell Saga. While players had the opportunity to experience what it would have been like if Vegeta defeated Goku or If Frieza won the battle on Namek.  Dragon Ball Z the Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse had actually allowed people to control custom characters to get involved in major battles that shaped the history of the DBZ Universe.   In the Xenoverse games people had the opportunity to prevent major villains from defeating the heroes while using a custom character which was nothing short of amazing since repetitiveness was a general complaint that many had about DBZ titles over the years.


When Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 was released back in 2003, the story mode resembled that of a board game.   The map utilized in story mode allowed people to move the heroes to different locations in order to do battle with the villains.  The cool thing about the board game feature in Budokai 2 was the various battle outcomes where characters who were not in certain storylines can end up defeating the main villain.   While the inclusion of the Majin Buu saga added to the quality of the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 still paled in comparison to Budokai 3.  The story mode in Budokai 3 allowed players to chose characters such as Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo while flying around on Earth or Namek in overwold maps to engage in battle.  The cool thing about the story mode in Budokai 3 was the fact that people were able to choose on of the main non canon villains in the series which was Broly after unlocking him in the game.  Being able to choose Broly in the story mode for Budokai 3 created a what if saga itself which made things more interesting.


In terms of gameplay one of the best Dragon Ball Z games to emerge from the 00’s was Budokai Techniki 3.   When it came down to visual display and gameplay Dragon Ball Z Budokai Techniki 3 was a work of art for the PlayStation 2.  While the game featured an improved story mode with the inclusion of high quality cinematic cutscenes for various saga in the series.  Even though, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Techniki 3 featured a what-if saga some people would argue that the Xenoverse series does a great job in terms of adding something new to the series.  After a while the “what if” saga started to feel repetitive and the inclusion of a custom character in the story mode was something that we have never really seen during the 90’s or the 00’s in regards to Dragon Ball Z games.  Overall, while the Budokai series was creative to some extent in terms of story Dimps seems to take creativity to a whole another level in the two Xenoverse games.


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