Nintendo Wii Titles- Sonic Colors : (2010)

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has been very popular since the 90’s as Sega continued producing great games.  While most of the good Sonic games that Sega has made were in 2D many would agree that Sonic Colors was on of the few 3D titles that stood out the most in the series next to the Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.  The plot for Sonic Colors was pretty interesting because it involved Dr. Eggman creating an interstellar amusement park along with capturing and enslaving alien creatures known as wisps.  After capturing the wisps Dr. Eggman decided to chain their planet to a space station leaving both Sonic & Tails to try and ruin his plans along with helping the alien creatures out.  The gameplay and graphics for Sonic Colors were amazing and the soundtrack for the game was simply magnificent.  Many people argue that the soundtrack for Sonic Colors was arguably one of the best that they have heard in a long time.  Also, the stages in Sonic Colors were very creative and sometimes made players feel like they were playing a complete different game.

With levels such as Aquarium Park, Starlight Carnival, Tropical Resort, Game Land and others Sonic Colors was a blast to play and was easily one of the most impressive platform titles of 2010.  While the gameplay for Sonic Colors was astounding some people would argue that the co-op mode in the game was not what they original expected.  Even though, co-op gameplay has not been a really big thing in most 3D Sonic games we can still respect the Sonic Team for making an attempt to provide exciting multiplayer action.  Since its release a few years ago Sonic Colors had managed to sell over 1.6 million units worldwide on the Wii and the Nintendo DS.  As impressive as sales were for Sonic Colors overall some might argue that the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010 drew more attention of people who owned the Nintendo Wii during the time.  Even though, Sonic Colors pales in comparison to Super Mario Galaxy 2 which reached over 7.5 million unites in sales it was still a very fun platform title to play for the Wii and the Nintendo DS.


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