Sega Mega Drive Games- Thunder Force IV: (1992)

When it comes down to retro gaming there was no time period that was more exciting for many people than the early 90’s.  To retro gamers who are in their mid twenties or early thirties the 90’s can easily be considered the golden era of video games since there were many exciting titles that were developed on various game consoles like Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis.  One of the most popular rail shooting titles of the early 90’s included the Thunder Force series which originated during the early 80’s.  When Thunder Force IV was released for the Sega Genesis in 1992 many people were impressed by the sequel to part 3 which was released back in 1990.  Unlike Thunder Force III which was released under different names for various game consoles Thunder Force IV was a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive exclusive that featured impressive visuals and gameplay.  The story for Thunder Force IV focuses on the ongoing saga between the Galaxy Federation and the ORN Empire.  After defeating the ORN Empire the Galaxy Federation seeks to eliminate a new threat known as “Vios”.

Some may argue that one of the best things about this game other than the graphics was the concept of the story.  The fact that a large part of the ORN Empire was destroyed along with having ally forces that posed a serious threat to the Galaxy Federation was interesting.  Another aspect about Thunder Force IV that was interesting included the soundtrack.  While the soundtrack on Thunder Force IV was good some would probably prefer TF III over this game.  Some of the best soundtracks featued on Thunder Force IV included “Metal Squad” on stage 8 along with “Space Walk” on stage 2.  Speaking of stages Thunder Force IV had at least 10 stages which made this game seem very long but exciting if you were a fan of rail shooting games along with series.  While Thunder Force IV does not get mentioned as much many people who are familiar with the game would consider it to be a  unforgettable classic for the Sega Genesis.


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