Will Sony Ever Release Another Handheld Console?

It would be pretty interesting to see whether or not Sony will ever decide to release another handheld game console in the near future.  It has been at least five years since Sony had released the PlayStation Vita and many people probably feel that its time for them develop a new handheld game console.  Since the release of the PlayStation Vita back in the winter of 2011 the handheld game console has managed to sell at least 12 million units.  Since the original PlayStation Portable was released in late 2004- early 2005 it had managed to sell at least 80 million units worldwide.  The original PlayStation Portable was available in retail stores for about a decade before its discontinuation back in late 2014.  Some might argue that its too early for Sony to release another handheld game console for the PlayStation Vita since its only been out for over five years.

But seeing that the original PlayStation Portable did great in sales during its ten year period in relation to retail availability having the Vita out for another five years would not hurt Sony in anyway either.  When it comes down to handheld gaming devices one of the many competitors that Sony has to deal with is Nintendo.  While the Nintendo 3DS has been very popular in gaming markets the “Switch” is going to be released very soon and looks  promising since many people are impressed by various aspects of the console including its design.  One of the questions that some people would have if Sony will produce a similar product to the Nintendo Switch if they do decide to release another portable console following the PlayStation Vita.  It may be a while before we see another portable game console from Sony since many people seem to enjoy the PlayStation Vita.  Also, the PlayStation Vita has only been available in retail for five years in comparison to the PSP which was out for ten years.  With Sony’s main emphasis being on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Virtual Reality it may be a long time before we hear anything regarding another portable console in the near future.


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