Will the first year sales of the Nintendo Switch Surpass the PS4?

There are many people who are excited about the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch is suppose to be available in gaming markets in March 2017.  While the presentation of the Nintendo Switch was innovative and quite impressive many people are wondering how the console will do in terms of worldwide sales.  As many people know the PlayStation 4 has recently been dominating the gaming market as far as consoles are concerned especially with the recent releases of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the VR.  Even though, the PlayStation VR is very expensive there are many people who are interested in owning the headset along with buying high quality consoles that include 4k resolution, Blu-Ray compatibility and other advanced features that adds to their gaming experience.  In terms of sales the PlayStation 4 had managed to sell at least 15 million during their first year.  Shortly, after the Xbox One arrived in gaming markets the console had managed to sell at least one million units within a day.

When the Wii-U was first released in gaming markets in America it reportedly sold less than one million units in countries like North America but still managed to sell over a quarter million within its first week.  While the competition in the gaming industry is fierce with rival corporations such as Sony and Microsoft there is a good chance that Nintendo’s new console will catch the interest of many people who are looking for something that is innovative with the Switch.  While the price of the Nintendo Switch is rumored to be around $300 similar to that of the Wii-U Basic it can be one of the many factors that contributes to console performing very well in terms of sales in North America.  Will the Nintendo Switch is expected to do great in sales during the year 2017 surpassing the PS4 in first year sales would prove to be a tough task considering all of the products they currently have in retail chains around the world.


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