Retro Gaming- Golden Axe: (1989)

There were so many beat em up games that existed back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and Golden Axe is one of the many titles that comes to mind when some people think of the beat em’ up genre of gaming.  When Golden Axe was first released in the late 80’s the gameplay & graphics for this title was impressive.   Golden Axe is known by many to be a very exciting 2D hack & slash game where players can navigate throughout various levels with the option of three characters who have the ability to perform magic spells and ride monsters as they progress through various stages.  The plot for this game involves being presented with the duty of rescuing a King and his daughter from Death Adder.  While some might argue that the plot for Golden Axe seemed generic and the gameplay was somewhat repetitive others would disagree and claim that Golden Axe was one of the best beat em up games during the early 90’s.  As exciting as Golden Axe was the game was a lot tougher than it looked especially if one tried to complete the whole thing by themselves.

If you were new at Golden Axe  than co-op gameplay with a friend would be highly recommended since the game becomes noticeably more difficult after a short period of time when passing through a few levels.  When it comes down to gameplay some people would probably prefer the arcade version of Golden Axe slightly more than for the Sega Genesis.  However, the Sega Genesis version of Golden Axe was also very impressive and the soundtrack produced by the console’s soundchip added to the appeal of the home port of this game.    Since it first came out in the late 80’s Golden Axe has been re-released on various other consoles including PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 as a part of a collection of 16 bit Sega games.  Whether people have the original Golden Axe cartridge or has Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection it is still a very fun classic to play and one of the most interesting beat em up titles that Sega AM1 has developed during the 16 bit era.


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