Classic Games- Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball : (1993)

When it comes down to Sonic the Hedgehog most of the 2d platform games of the early 90’s were great for the Sega Genesis.  But sometimes people forget that Sega had once developed a pinball based game for the Sega Genesis called Sonic Spinball.  The concept of Sonic Spinball appeared to be very cool in theory but in practice others may agree that it did not live up to their expectations.  While Sonic Spinball was a very unique game that highly differed from any other games that we have seen in the series during the early 90’s it was also more challenging than it looked.  In fact, some people may argue that Sonic Spinball might possibly be one of the toughest 2D games to beat within the series.   Not only did the controls seem tight to some people but it felt like there were far too many ways to lose in this game at times.

The story for this game was also interesting since it was highly different from anything we have seen from the other Sonic titles for the Sega Genesis.  Sonic Spinball had focused on Dr. Robotnik building the Veg-O-Fortress on top of a volcano known as Mt. Mobius which was stabilized by the seven chaos emeralds.  Not only do players have to free the animals from being changed into robots but he must collect all seven chaos emeralds in the process.   Even though, the game only contains a few levels each stage seems almost impossible to beat especially if one is playing the game for the very first time.  Like most Sonic titles this Spinball game starts players off with only three lives but one of the most interesting things about this game is that it felt like an actual arcade game. While some people may have negative opinions about the overall game itself other would argue that Sonic Spinball was probably one of the most innovative concepts that Sega has ever developed for Sonic title on the Sega Genesis.


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