Games from the 90’s- Shining Force: (1992)

When it comes down to popular RPG titles of the early 90’s some of the games that comes to mind involves the Shining series for the Sega Genesis.  Shining Force was not only the direct sequel to Shining in the Darkness released in 1991 but the game itself seemed very different from the prequel in some aspects as well.  Unlike Shining in the Darkness this game does not utilize the dungeon crawler format of gameplay but instead movement throughout the game in between battles are generally grid based similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics.  In order for people to master the game they must be good strategists and know what to do when battling opponents prior to approaching them.  The story of Shining Force focuses on the main character named Max who must lead the Shining Force against Dark Sol who plans on resurrecting the Dark Dragon in order to send the Land of Rune into darkness.

While some people may have found the plot to be interesting others would probably argue that it seemed generic in comparison to many other RPG titles that came out in the 16 bit era during the early 90’s.  Along with the grid based movement of characters in this game some of the coolest features in Shining Force involved the battle sequences.  During battles people got to see how great the artwork and graphics of the game truly was.   The graphics for Shining Force was nothing short of spectacular and in some ways looked better than anything one would see on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Since most of the popular RPG titles were featured on the Super Nintendo during the 16 bit era it was also interesting to see games like the Shining Force series on the Sega Genesis.  When it comes down to RPG titles for the Sega Genesis the Shining Force series is considered to be among the best along with being a game within its genre if one did not own the Super Nintendo Entertainment System during the 16 bit era of gaming.


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