Retro Games- Beyond Oasis: (1994)

It was such a cool time period to be a fan of video games during the 16 bit era.   There were so many exciting genres that many people enjoyed including action RPG titles for consoles for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.   When it comes down to action RPG games many people think about popular 16 bit titles that were released during the early 90’s  including the Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Illusion of Gaia, LandStalker and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.  Along with those games another classic that come to mind in relation to popular action RPG titles is Beyond Oasis.  The plot for Beyond Oasis involved the main character known as Prince Ali acquiring ancient gold armlet which once belonged to an a wizard.  One of the key purposes of the gold armlet was to counteract the powers of an ancient silver bracelet which represented darkness. As Prince Ali gains control of the gold armlet he must stop the person who possesses the silver armlet while gaining the ability to control various spirits including water, fire, shadow and plant.

The graphics for Beyond Oasis is probably one of the best that that anyone would see in a RPG title on the Sega Genesis.  The intro for Beyond Oasis looked like something that you would see in an actual arcade game.  Also, the plot is briefly explained during the intro with cool sequences and music that makes it appear adventurous & suspenseful.   The visual presentation for Beyond Oasis felt special because the graphics looked similar to something from an SNES RPG title.  Along with the fact that Beyond Oasis felt like an SNES game.  On top of having similar graphics of Super Nintendo game the soundtrack for Beyond Oasis was produced by none other than Yuzo Koshiro who worked on popular classics such as Streets of Rage II.  The gameplay for Beyond Oasis looked great especially with the added sound effects along with the battle system which resembled something that one would see in a beat em up game.  Beyond Oasis was a very unique RPG title back in the early 90’s and is considered a classic that Ancient Corp did a pretty good job on developing for the Sega Genesis.


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